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Many Alabama residents are familiar with the popular novel, “The Scarlet Letter,” where a woman found guilty of adultery must wear a scarlet A on her dress as a sign of shame. The story might seem like fiction, but recently, a similar tactic was used against individuals who failed to pay child support.

The idea, conceived by a county attorney, was to have individuals wear a sign that stated, “I do not pay child support,” if there had been a failure to pay child support. The idea was presented to individuals who were currently in jail for their crime, and they were given the opportunity to fulfill their sentence and get their time suspended by wearing the sign, as well as paying the money they owed.

The man who came up with the idea stated he did not want to embarrass or humiliate those who would wear the sign. Three inmates agreed with the plan, and stood outside of the county jail with the signs around their necks for several hours a day.

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As Alabama residents progress through different life stages, their financial circumstances often undergo changes. These changes can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, as well as his or her family. After a divorce, these changes can also impact a person’s child support obligations.

Take, for example, someone pays child support and who changes jobs. Contrary to some individual’s belief, a job change does not automatically change a child support obligation. However, the person may file a petition with the court to modify the child support payments in light of the new salary, which is often done if an individual cannot afford the existing payments.

Other reasons may exist for modifying child support, including an increased cost of living or change in the child’s needs, remarriage or incarceration. No matter what the reason, courts will examine whether the change is a substantial change in circumstances, which must be proven in order to alter the existing payments.

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When Alabama residents are dealing with financial needs, many may dream of hitting it big in the lottery or a casino to pay off their debts. Unfortunately, this is just a dream for all but a very few. And even for those who do strike it big, there can be repercussions if they have outstanding debt or child support issues. One man recently learned this lesson the hard way.

The man had some success while playing at a Wisconsin casino, to the tune of $10,000. When law enforcement got word of his wins, however, they arrested the man for his failure to pay child support. The man was $6,000 behind on his child support payments at the time and had $13,000 in cash on his possession when he was arrested. Authorities indicated that the seized cash would be used to pay the back child support.

Typically, those who are seeking back child support do not have a lump sum payment that law enforcement can go after like a lottery win. Instead, officials must pursue more traditional methods of enforcement, such as wage garnishment.

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Alabama parents who must confront a difficult ex-spouse may often feel like they do not have much recourse. This is particularly true when it comes to child support, as custodial parents may feel frustrated when they do not receive timely payments from the person ordered to make them.

One Alabama man was recently arrested for failing to make court-ordered child support payments for more than 10 years. The 66-year-old man had delinquent payments totaling more than $261,000, which authorities called one of the largest arrearages they had ever come across. Law enforcement executed an arrest on the man for failing to make child support payments, despite his ability to earn a livelihood. He was placed in jail after the arrest.

As this case illustrates, there are enforcement mechanisms available to combat a person’s failure to pay child support. Federal law grants authority to district attorneys and state attorneys to collect back child support. These measures include garnishing wages, freezing bank accounts and placing liens against a person’s property. State officials may also place a person in contempt for failing to pay child support. If a person fails to comply with these authorities’ directives, the non-paying individual could be subject to jail time, although this seldom happens because it removes the person from his or her income source.

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Alabama residents understand that financial circumstances in a person’s life can change over time. From matters involving a person’s job to changes in family composition, there can be a variety of factors that bear on a person’s financial situation.

It comes as no surprise, then, that as a person’s financial situation changes, so too does their needs when it comes to child support. Yet no matter what the circumstances, individuals must be careful to comply with legal requirements before acting alone in a child support dispute.

Take, for instance, the situation of entertainer Joe Piscopo, who pays child support for the three children whom he shares with his ex-wife. Piscopo must pay $5,000 per child in child support each month, and was recently ordered to pay $10,000 in child support by the end of December, as well as an additional $50 per week toward his support arrearage after he fell behind by about $30,000 in his child support payments.

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Many Alabama residents understand that a divorced individual’s failure to pay for a child’s upbringing can be economically devastating for the other parent. Less known is the effect that unpaid child support has on taxpayers.

Surprisingly, over $100 billion in unpaid child support was owed to parents in 2009, with nearly half of that amount being owed to taxpayers. The taxpayer involvement occurs when children need to go on public assistance. In those instances, back payments of child support are supposed to be reimbursed to the government.

While this may anger some taxpayers, the situation becomes dire for the custodial parents who are faced with the financial hardship of raising their child without proper economic assistance. Statistics show, however, that much of the delinquent payments, 54 percent, is owed by just 11 percent of debtors.

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With the economy as sluggish as it has been the past few years, many Alabama residents have had their share of financial challenges. The reach of these financial troubles seems nearly unlimited. In the context of family law, such challenges may pose problems in meeting monthly child support payments.

In cases where an individual has trouble meeting child support payments, that person may petition the court for a modification of child support. If the other party agrees to the change, or the judge orders the change, payments may be lowered. Until that happens, however, parents with child support obligations should continue to make their monthly payments as best as they can.

While an agreement with the other party is optimal, requests for modification often ignite a child support dispute. When going to a judge, the party requesting modification must document the change in circumstances leading to the request, such as a loss of job or medical disability, which occurred after the initial child support order was entered in the case.

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When parents in Birmingham decide to split, child support payments often become a necessary part of life. The payments are intended to help children live a normal life. The money is often used to provide children with basic necessities Parents who fail to make child support payments may have to face hefty penalties.

One father in another state who owed more than $43,000 in child support got quite a surprise recently. His former girlfriend worked with a bounty hunter to create a plot to lure the man back to his home state to pay up and to face criminal charges.

The bounty hunter contacted the man and told him that a talent scout was interested in using him in an upcoming movie starring Jennifer Aniston. The man paid close to $3,000 to fly from Hawaii to Pennsylvania. Instead of a movie role, however, the man was handcuffed and arrested before he even got out of the airport.

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A child support agreement is often necessary when parents in Birmingham are not raising a child together. The payments made by a non-custodial parent are important and often provide a child with basic necessities. Child support is intended to give children a stable life. However, when a non-custodial parent fails to make child support payments, it seems that everyone suffers.

According to recent news reports, former boxing champ Evander Holyfield owes a significant amount of child support. Holyfield has apparently failed to pay child support for this 18-year-old daughter since 2010. He owes more than $372,000.

Holyfield could end up in jail if he does not catch up on his payments. That’s because the California Department of Human Service is taking him to court and asking that he be put behind bars and that his wages be garnished until the payments are up to date.

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Domestic violence is a serious issue for people living in Alabama and elsewhere. Whether an individual is a victim of abuse or accused of abuse, it can have a huge impact on their life.

According to one source, emotional abuse is the most common type of abuse. One physician says that in terms of a person’s overall well-being, living with an emotionally abusive person can be the worst thing for them to experience. In some cases, those who are abused may start viewing themselves as a victim, which could impact a person’s sense of power and their sense of self.

There are different forms of abuse and people of all ages, levels of income and education can experience it.

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