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The United States has a public court system which means that most court proceedings, including divorce records, are generally open to the public. One of the main reasons court records are kept public is to encourage transparency within the court system.

However, in some cases, judges agree to file divorce records under seal to protect the parties involved. In order to seal divorce records, the potential damage caused by the file being public must outweigh the public’s right to open records, explains.

In 2012, a family law court agreed to keep the divorce file of an Alabama district court judge under seal after the judge said that “to not seal this file might very well expose the parties and their children to unnecessary danger.”

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This month is domestic violence awareness month in Alabama, which makes this the perfect time to discuss domestic violence and how it can affect a divorce proceeding.

Domestic violence is best defined as a pattern of violent or coercive behavior that takes place within an intimate relationship. While domestic violence is serious in nature, it can also include patterns of threats and control.

There are four basic types of domestic violence, as explained by Legal Services Alabama, which include: physical assault, sexual assault, physiological assault and attacks against personal property or pets.

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Domestic violence is a serious issue for people living in Alabama and elsewhere. Whether an individual is a victim of abuse or accused of abuse, it can have a huge impact on their life.

According to one source, emotional abuse is the most common type of abuse. One physician says that in terms of a person’s overall well-being, living with an emotionally abusive person can be the worst thing for them to experience. In some cases, those who are abused may start viewing themselves as a victim, which could impact a person’s sense of power and their sense of self.

There are different forms of abuse and people of all ages, levels of income and education can experience it.

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