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Divorce is oftentimes an emotional situation for many spouses. This is one of the reasons why many Alabama spouses with children choose to avoid divorce. Most parents may wonder if they should remain married or get a divorce when kids are involved.

The decision to stay married or get divorced primarily may depend on why the spouses are choosing to end the marriage. A major issue is if there has been a history of any type of abuse, whether it’s physical or emotional. If the abuse is present, then the children are top priority to be safeguarded from that type of environment. Children can unfortunately imitate negative behavior when exposed to extreme conflict among parents.

If the kids are living in a home that is consumed with anger, then this may be another reason to get divorced. There are parents who decide to remain in the same home, however, to co-parent the children. Although an intact family is important, parents will need to be mature and have the willingness to remain in the marriage. If parents do wish to stay together, it is recommended that they get advice from a marriage counselor or a pastor.

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After couples walk down the aisle, they promise to stay together in sickness and in health. Throughout the years, however, that has not always been the case, and studies suggest that Alabama marriages are likely to end in divorce when the wife becomes ill. The study involved 2,717 couples conducted by a university.

The new study suggests that older couples are at an increased risk for divorce when the wife experiences health complications. Reportedly, approximately 75 percent of marriages that involve a sick spouse ultimately end. A majority of these illnesses that resulted in separation were lung disease and heart disease. Other illnesses included were cancer and stroke. In spite of men being more likely to become ill than women, divorces are apparently more likely to occur when the wives get sick.

Although the exact reason for the gender discrepancies are unclear, it is believed that men are not fully equipped for care-giving under social norms. It is also equally possible for ill women to initiate a divorce due to the belief that their husbands are not giving them the care they need. The findings of the study are set to be announced at the Population Association of America’s annual meeting.

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During a divorce, either spouse may feel that their plate is full. The divorce process can entail a number of issues, including child custody and property division. There are ways that Alabama spouses can remain in control during a divorce.

One way to stay in control is to be aware of marital assets and debts. Spouses may wish to meet with a financial adviser to dig up pertinent information regarding assets and income. Also, a couple should be prepared by taking inventory of household items, even going as far as taking photos of valuables such as furniture. A good way to find out information on debts is to take a look at credit reports, which will reveal detailed information on payment history and outstanding balances.

Another way to stay in control is to let go of negative emotions. Spouses may still feel hurt and angry due to being mistreated or being cheated on. Of course, it’s understandable to be upset, but this can cause damage emotionally and financially. In addition, negative emotions can cloud someone’s judgment, which could lead to regrettable decisions. Letting go of these emotions can help protect the financial interests and well-being of children.

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Many people may decide to further their education before or during their marriage. These folks usually end up taking out student loans to fund their education. When it comes time for divorce, are Alabama spouses responsible for their ex’s student loans?

Usually, student loan debt that occurred before getting married is considered a separate liability. A woman ended up being stuck with all of her student loan debt after she divorced from her husband. Since her ex was not responsible for the debt she incurred, she was forced to make some changes to her debt so that she could afford the monthly payments. However, student loans that were taken out during the marriage may be even more of a complicated situation.

Student loan debt may be divided after a divorce based on the state the spouses reside in. Also, just because a spouse was not listed on the loan does not mean that he or she is not responsible for paying for it. Courts may take into consideration each spouse’s financial circumstances on paying off the debt. The higher-earning spouse may be required to pay the debt through spousal support for a temporary time period.

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Divorce can be a challenging and emotional event for spouses at any age. There are various encounters that could actually lead Alabama couples to divorce. Finances and infidelity are some of the most common reasons spouses divorce. A new study suggests that Twitter may have a negative impact on relationships and could lead to trips to divorce court.

A new study suggests that there may be a link between Twitter and relationship conflicts. These relationship conflicts could escalate to infidelity and, ultimately, divorce. Over 500 Twitter users participated in a survey that consisted of 18 questions. The conclusion of the study revealed that daily use of Twitter could cause complications in relationships regardless of how long the couples have been together.

There are ways couples can minimize their chances of having friction that is related to social media. It is recommended that couples use just one social media account between the two of them. Furthermore, couples could decrease the amount of time spent on social media.

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Divorce can be an emotional and lengthy process. Divorce can also be challenging for many Alabama spouses when finances are at stake. There are ways soon-to-be ex-spouses can safeguard their finances.

One step is to start closing jointly-held bank and credit card accounts. After closing these accounts, spouses may open up their own bank accounts solely in their name in order to have control over their credit. Furthermore, each spouse usually has personal information on the other, and it may be wise to enroll in a credit monitoring service to make sure the ex is not using their information. Credit monitoring services update scores on a monthly basis and can help pinpoint signs of possible identity theft.

Another step is to become knowledgeable about accounts. This can be done by reviewing previous income tax filings and other financial records to show where money is being held. In addition, it’s beneficial to have knowledge of where spouses stand financially, including assets and liabilities. Furthermore, it may be a wise decision to remove the spouse as beneficiary from life insurance policies and retirement accounts.

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A divorce can change a person’s finances and lifestyle. In some cases, one of the spouses may not be so quick to agree to a divorce. What happens when an Alabama spouse refuses to divorce but then marries someone else?

This case refers to the Orthodox Jewish law. Under civil law, an ex-husband and ex-wife have been divorced for over seven years, but the ex-husband has yet to give his ex-wife a “get,” which is the document required to officially end the marriage. Without this document, the ex-wife cannot get married to someone else, but the ex-husband has wasted no time in getting remarried himself through a Jewish legal loophole. He was granted permission by 100 rabbis to marry his second wife. In spite of the ex-husband being granted permission to remarry, one rabbi believes this action is violation of the Jewish law and is also domestic abuse.

Furthermore, the ex-husband is apparently trying to bribe his ex-wife into giving him full custody of their child and wants a large sum of money in exchange for an official divorce. When Jewish spouses have disagreements, they are required to go before a religious court in front of three rabbis. However, the ex-husband has yet to respond, even after being approached by a religious rabbi about courts his ex-wife could submit to.

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After a break-up, people tend to voice their frustrations on media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. As innocent as this act may seem, it’s not so innocent when Alabama spouses are in the middle of a divorce. These actions can result in negative consequences in the divorce process.

When spouses are in the middle of a divorce, social media posts can be used against them. Some spouses may try to get around this by blocking their exes, but that has proved to be ineffective since the exes may create a fake account. Once the exes have gained access to a timeline, they can simply take screenshots of the posts. Exes may think that they can simply delete the posts and pretend as if it never happened, but it can actually make matters worse.

Exes can also be mindful that they do not have to post something themselves for it to be used against them, particularly for child custody cases. An example is if a video was posted showing a kid playing on a trampoline. The other parent may use this as evidence of unfit parenting since it can be viewed as dangerous.

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A number of issues need to be ironed out in a divorce. Most of the issues associated with divorce deal with property division, custody and child support. In some cases, Alabama parents who are obligated to pay child support may be required to continue paying until the child graduates from college.

Many non-custodial parents have the belief that child support payments end as soon as the child reaches the age of 18. In some areas, parents are still required to fund their child’s education until he or she earns their degree. In other cases, divorce settlements outline that parents take on the responsibility of paying for college costs.

An example of this is a case in which parents entered into a divorce settlement that included certain provisions about their daughter. The daughter graduated from Rutgers University and the agreement states each parent is responsible for 50 percent of her college expenses if she decides to go to law school. The daughter ended up enrolling in a costly law school, which the father refused to pay for due to his financial circumstances. In spite of his circumstances, a judge agreed that the provision of the settlement is enforceable.

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Many divorces in Alabama involve the division of complex assets. From real estate to business interests to investments and stock portfolios, it is no easy task to divide one financial house into two. In order to ensure that the division of property and assets is appropriate, it is important to take an accurate inventory of all of the assets that are subject to division. This can be quite difficult, as a number of assets tend to be fluid in value.

One asset that can be difficult to valuate during the divorce process is unexercised stock options. Stock options may be a part of an employment perks package; they allow an employee to purchase shares in the company at a future time at a set price.

The value of stock options is never immediately clear, because this depends entirely on the price of shares on the future date during which the stock options may be exercised. The share price may be up or down when the options are ultimately exercised.

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