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An Alabama spouse who is near the 10th year of marriage may have a number of incentives to stick out the marriage until he or she hits the decade mark. In addition to being eligible to draw off a former spouse’s earnings record for Social Security benefits, 10 years often indicates that it was a long marriage. This distinction can sometimes result in a family court deciding to award spousal support at a higher rate and for a longer duration than a shorter-term marriage. Additionally, 10 years often has important implications regarding prenuptial agreements.

Perhaps proving this point is the impending divorcez between Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Although media speculation is that the couple has been separated for months, Ms. Garner only filed for divorce the day after the couple shared their 10th wedding anniversary.

Some have theorized that the timing was no coincidence. This is because many prenuptial agreements include provisions regarding the length of the marriage, such as providing a stated amount of support for each year that the couple was together.

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When most people think of prenuptial agreements they think of documents that only apply to the rich and/or famous. However, in this day and age, pretty much anyone can benefit from a prenup.

Essentially, a prenup sets out how financial issues should be addressed in the case of divorce such as property division and spousal support. But the marital contracts can also help make sure a couple is on the same page, financially speaking, before tying the knot.  

As a recent article from USA TODAY reports, financial advisers are the first to suggest that prenups can serve an important purpose for couples in a variety of circumstances. Accordingly, here are seven times they say it would be wise to consider a prenup:

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When people hear the term “prenuptial agreement,” many consider it to be a negative or uncomfortable topic. Some people may think of a prenuptial agreement as a sign that a marriage is not strong or that a couple will get divorced.

But this can be a dangerous assumption to make and dissuade people from considering one before they get married. That fact is that having a prenuptial agreement is just one tool that can be very useful in marital planning. In many cases, a couple with a prenup will never need to enforce the terms of this document if they stay married. But in the event that a couple does get divorced, it can ease some of the anxiety of the divorce process.

A prenuptial agreement allows people getting married to set some financial guidelines and boundaries. It can address certain issues from individual debts and assets to preferred methods of dispute resolutions. Establishing these sorts of ground rules and ownership clarifications can achieve two things: provide peace of mind to each partner and address solutions to potential pain points at a time when a couple is happy and willing to cooperate.

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A prenuptial agreement, when carefully and fairly negotiated between soon-to-be spouses in Alabama or elsewhere, can provide not only protection for individual assets, but also a fair plan regarding asset division if the marriage doesn’t work out. This can prove invaluable in any marriage, regardless of current financial circumstances. During divorce proceedings, particularly in high asset cases, the validity of a prenuptial agreement may be questioned by a spouse who feels they are not getting their fair share of the marital property or financial accounts. Such is the case for a divorce that has recently been making national headlines.

The estranged wife of hedge-fund billionaire Ken Griffin has requested the court to declare their prenuptial agreement invalid. She claims she was under duress and coerced into signing the document just a day before their wedding, giving her no time to properly review the proposed agreement with legal counsel. Because of this, Mr. Griffin’s wife has asked the court to grant her an equitable share of the marital property rather than abiding by the terms of the prenup.

Ken Griffin’s net worth is estimated to be over $5 billion, and a number of his assets were reportedly obtained during the course of the marriage. In his wife’s court filing, she claims that the prenuptial agreement provides a significant amount of disparity between the couple’s individual assets, earning capacities and income. If the prenup is enforced, Mrs. Griffin claims it would strip away her rights to a significant amount of money. With so much at stake for both parties, it is imperative that the validity of their prenuptial agreement be determined.

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Prenuptial agreements are known to protect a spouse’s assets in case of divorce in the future. These assets generally include retirement accounts and properties. Alabama spouses may not be aware that they can also include a social media content clause in a prenuptial agreement. This clause dictates what Alabama spouses are allowed to share online.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but posting certain photos online can be embarrassing and hurtful to another person. Many couples are jumping on the bandwagon to make special provisions in the prenups about social media sharing. Social media prenups state that spouses are not allowed to share suggestive or humiliating photos online to hurt the other spouse’s standing.

In New York, spouses who make less than $5 million per year may issue a fine to the other spouse of $50,000 per incident. Dominant social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of people who use their sites. Due to this, inappropriate content can have a heavy impact on someone else’s reputation.

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Till death do us part is not always guaranteed, especially since there is such a high divorce rate. Since the divorce rate is so high, it may have sparked a rise in a prenuptial agreement being entered into. Most Alabama spouses who enter into prenups are those wishing to protect their assets just in case a divorce happens.

One woman has almost $4 million in asset and is in a relationship with a man who has a great career and she plans on marrying him. She was married before until her husband died and now she’s wondering if she should get a prenup. When well-off people get married, they may encounter problems from family members who feel that they are entitled. Since there is a lot at stake, it’s recommended that the woman enter into a prenup and make sure it’s updated in the future.

The prenup should be thorough and secure for at least the first five to 10 years. When bringing up the subject of a prenup, it’s advisable to let the other spouse know that the agreement is to protect the relationship. Afterward, the spouses may come to a point in their marriage that they feel secure.

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Sherri Shepard is known for being on “The View,” a popular daytime talk show. Shepard and her husband got married back in 2011, and now just like any unhappy Alabama spouse, both partners in this relationship are ready for divorce. The soon-to-be-ex husband is requesting the court to grant him full custody of their unborn child.

Shepard reportedly filed for divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences, just weeks after her husband filed for legal separation. Although the couple has no children, they are expecting their first child with the help of a surrogate. The husband is requesting the court to grant him full custody of the unborn child and spousal support. Shepard claims that the husband has not stepped up to play a fatherly role.

The couple also has a prenuptial agreement, which the husband is asking to be voided due to alleged fraud. However, Shepard is asking for the prenup to be validated. According to the prenup, the husband would be entitled to receive $60,000 if the couple stayed married between two to five years.

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Marital bliss is not guaranteed to last forever and can end over almost any matter, leaving someone’s assets at stake. A prenuptial agreement can protect Alabama spouses’ assets and take the misery out of having bitter legal disputes in the future. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding may be held up due to a prenup.

According to reports, a prenup between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has not yet been signed because they are still going over all of the details of the agreement. The prenup is expected to be signed in the coming week, which is also what is holding up the wedding. Reportedly, the prenup between Kim and Kanye does not involve any fighting, and the only reason why there’s a hold up is due to Kanye’s management changing.

This is not the first time Kim has married with a prenup, as previously she had entered into a marriage with Kris Humphries, who is a known basketball player. Many people believe that the couple has already tied the knot, but Kim confirmed that the wedding has not taken place yet. Also, unlike Kim’s first wedding, she plans on keeping her wedding with Kanye as private as possible.

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With the high divorce rate in the United States, it’s no wonder why the percentage of people who enter into a prenup has been on the rise. One of the major reasons for this trend is the amount of assets that may be at stake in case there is a divorce in the future. Most Alabama spouses understandably would like to preserve their finances, and that results in the rising chances of couples entering into a prenuptial agreement.

The American Psychological Association revealed a survey that suggests that approximately half of marriages end in divorce. When a spouse is headed out the door, so are some of the assets that a couple has accumulated over the years. This is why prenups are so important and it illustrates how assets will be divided upon divorce. A prenup safeguards spouses by outlining who will keep property that was owned before and accumulated during the marriage.

It also covers who will be financially responsible for marital property, such as a home, in case of a divorce. Furthermore, prenups go beyond finances and can protect spouses when it comes to child custody. It can be important to keep in mind that prenups do not cover spouses if the agreement is in violation of state laws. This is especially true in regard to child support or spousal support.

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When many people think about prenuptial agreements, the first thing that comes to mind is how awkward it might be to ask your fiancé or fiancée to sign one. Despite the many benefits of these agreements often promoted by family law attorneys, far too many people think asking for a prenup is basically saying, “I don’t think we’re going to make it.”

If that’s what you’ve always assumed, consider this: a prenuptial agreement might be among the best possible ways to ensure your relationship lasts. Why? It gets engaged couples talking.

For a strong marriage, couples need to be comfortable revealing their existing financial assets and discussing issues such as their financial habits, plans and values. They need to know what they already agree about, and what the need to find agreement about. They need to make financial plans, set goals and, critically, decide how they’ll resolve disputes if plans go awry.

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