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If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you are probably wondering how you will be able to support yourself after the divorce and whether you will be entitled to spousal support. Hopefully, this post helps answer those questions for you.

In Alabama, spousal support can be agreed upon by the divorcing parties, or it can be ordered by the judge presiding over the divorce. The goal of spousal support is for both parties to keep the standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage, if possible.

Spousal support can also be temporary or permanent in nature. Temporary, or rehabilitative, alimony is more likely to apply when the party receiving payments just needs some extra support while he or she gets back into the workforce. Permanent alimony is more likely to apply when one spouse is unlikely to ever return to employment.

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Most people know that lying under oath in criminal court is considered perjury and is punishable by serious consequences. However, some people don’t realize that perjury can also happen in family court, and it, too, is taken very seriously.

There is a misconception that it is okay to lie about income or hide assets in divorce cases, but that is simply not the case, and an Alabama police chief recently learned this the hard way.

The former LaFayette police chief stepped down from his job earlier this month after being fined for perjury and presenting false documents during his divorce proceeding.

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Unfortunately, domestic abuse — or allegations of domestic abuse — is a part of many divorces in the state of Alabama, and it can have a major effect on the outcome of cases.

First of all, when abuse is part of a divorce case, it can change the outcome of the case by granting grounds for divorce in favor of the victim instead of being a “no fault” divorce in which neither party is blamed.

This is a good thing if you are a victim of abuse because it gives you added protections and remedies. For example, the judge in your case will have the ability to order your abuser to pay you additional compensation.

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Parenting after a divorce can be a challenge for both mothers and fathers, but fathers can especially struggle with the transition.

A divorce can throw a wrench in the routines that may have existed since the child was born. Fathers may also worry about getting to spend enough time with their child, and making the most out of the time they do have together.

A family law attorney who specializes in father’s rights authored the book How to Be a Good Divorced Dad and recently provided several tips to Yahoo! Parenting for fathers who have recently gone through divorce.

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This is a question that we are asked frequently by clients. Unfortunately, when a judge is the one who makes the decisions in a divorce case, one party is often left unhappy with the results.

The good news is that it is possible to appeal your divorce decree, but the bad news is that it is not always an easy thing to do.

In order to appeal a divorce decree in Alabama, the first step is to meet with a divorce lawyer who has appeal experience. Since appeals are somewhat rare, not all family law attorneys have experience with them, which is why it is so important to make sure the lawyer you work with does.

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If this year will be your first time filing income taxes as a single parent, there are several issues you should be aware of, including your filing status, children you can claim as dependents and a series of possible deductions.

First, you may be able to file head of household and be taxed at a lower rate with higher deductions if you were unmarried as of Dec. 31, 2014, you earned at least 50 percent of your household income, and your children lived with you at least six months out of the year, in total.

Next, it’s important to know whether you can claim any of your children as dependents. The IRS defines a child as a dependent if that child lived with you for at least six months out of the year and you were responsible for financially supporting the child during that time.

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This is an issue that we get asked about frequently. In some cases, a parent — usually the mother — decides that she does not want to force the other parent — usually the father — to pay child support.

Sometimes mothers believe that letting the father off of the hook for child support will mean that the father will agree to the custody terms that she wants. In other words, in order to get custody of the children, the mother sometimes agrees to not make the father pay child support.

However, this is not legal under the law. In the state of Alabama, child custody is ordered on behalf of the child, and neither parent can decide that the child should not receive that support. Child support is calculated using a formula that takes into account the income of both parents, the cost of child care, the cost of insurance and the expense the state of Alabama deems necessary to raise a child.

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Adoption can be a wonderful experience for the entire family. But it can also be a complicated and somewhat confusing process because of the legalities involved, including the consent requirements.

Consent is an important issue in adoption cases. When an adoptee is over the age of 14, he or she must provide consent to the adoption. Consent is also needed on behalf of the natural mother and the presumed father, or the agency that the child has been surrendered to.

When the natural mother or presumed father will not consent to the adoption but also refuses to care for the child, the case may be transferred from Probate Court to Juvenile Court so that a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights can be filed.

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When most people think of prenuptial agreements they think of documents that only apply to the rich and/or famous. However, in this day and age, pretty much anyone can benefit from a prenup.

Essentially, a prenup sets out how financial issues should be addressed in the case of divorce such as property division and spousal support. But the marital contracts can also help make sure a couple is on the same page, financially speaking, before tying the knot.  

As a recent article from USA TODAY reports, financial advisers are the first to suggest that prenups can serve an important purpose for couples in a variety of circumstances. Accordingly, here are seven times they say it would be wise to consider a prenup:

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While making the decision to adopt can seem like a simple one, getting through the process can certainly seem anything but simple. Alabama residents have a number of reasons to consider adoption. Some may wish to start or add to their family, some stepparents may wish to gain legal rights to their stepchildren, kinship adoptions may become a necessity, and, in rare cases, adults may pursue adoption for inheritance purposes. In any case, help in completing the process as quickly and smoothly as possible is available.

After the decision has been made to proceed with an adoption, the next decision will involve how to go about the process. There are several different ways to adopt a child. For those who are wanting to start or add to their growing family, common ways to adopt include:

  • Adoption through a licensed agency
  • Adopting independently
  • Adopting through identification
  • Adopting internationally

Each of these forms of adoption can have both pros and cons. Researching each will give prospective parents a better idea of what type of adoption will work best for their specific circumstances. Other common forms of adoption include stepparent adoption and kinship adoption. While these don’t require finding birth mothers or working with agencies, these adoptions can still be somewhat complicated and require attention to detail.

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