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What is an uncontested divorce?

If you have been researching the divorce process, you have probably come across the term “uncontested divorce.” Essentially, what an uncontested divorce means is that the parties to the divorce are able to agree on all of the issues involved such as child custody, property division and alimony. Therefore, there are no issues that are contested and require court intervention.

The benefits of uncontested divorce are pretty obvious: no expensive courtroom battle; no angry fighting between the spouses; and no turning over the decision-making power to a judge.

However, divorce is a complicated and important process — whether the case is contested or not — so it’s still very important to work with an experienced family law attorney even when cases are uncontested.

Couples who can agree to the terms of the divorce on their own might think that they should just use the documents provided by the court to complete the divorce themselves to save money. There are also many websites out there that promise to handle uncontested divorce cases for an inexpensive fee.

In very simple divorce cases with no children or assets, these options may work. But for the most part, they can result in problems arising down the road that require costly modifications. That’s because average people don’t understand all of the complexities of divorce, and the online businesses simply fill out paperwork without offering legal advice.

An experienced family law attorney can make sure all potential issues are addressed so that both spouses can move forward with their lives without having to look back. You only get one chance at handling your divorce correctly and getting what you deserve.

For more information on how our firm handles uncontested divorce cases in Alabama, please visited our Uncontested Divorce Lawyer page.

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